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Hello & Welcome

I'm Rahana, a holistic mama living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I was a journalist for my college newspaper, and I have a Bachelor of Science in Human Development. Through my education, my worldview allowed me the opportunity to see the importance of building self-healing communities which help improve the health and wellness of all.

          Over the last five years, I’ve partnered with the dōTERRA wellness community to offer a more holistic route of healing into the lives of families. I’m an essential oil educator, with a vision to see how plants in a bottle can be used as tools to transform and help heal one's life. I also use my knowledge and practice the art of energy healing by performing reiki therapy.

          In the last eight years, I have also been practicing as an ordained minister with the intention of bringing more love into people's lives, so I started officiating weddings and sharing memories of loved ones at celebrations of life

I also run the Panda Bear Magic Podcast where I am blessed to have conversations with people in the arts and in spiritual healing communities.

I feel that life ebbs and flows, so I hope these tools can offer you support on navigating the journey. In-turn, I hope you also inspire and encourage your community's healing and give back to the ones you love.

         I appreciate you visiting the site and allowing us to connect. 

 Many Blessings, 




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